We All Start Somewhere

Prior to 2014, I had never slept in a tent or really hiked and now I’m regularly hiking 10-15 miles per day, sleeping under the stars as often as I can and seeing places I never thought I’d have the chance to experience.

Hiking 10-15 miles per day might not be your cup of tea, and that’s cool too! Everyone has their own experiences in the great outdoors. Some like spending the day hanging out by a lake catching fish and others like climbing peaks. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, what matters is that you’re outdoors doing something that you enjoy. The only wrong way to experience the outdoors is if you don’t follow Leave No Trace principles.

You might be someone who is just getting into the outdoors. Maybe you went on your first hike last weekend or learned about Mt. Whitney last night. It’s easy to look at someone’s Instagram profile or blog and be too intimidated to get out there. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing catch up too because I didn’t grow up skiing all winter and spending all summer wading in alpine lakes. But I just remind myself, we all have our own story. Some of us start in our 20’s and some in our 50’s. It’s easy to compare our beginning to someone’s middle but don’t because we all start somewhere.

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