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How to Prevent Blisters on Hikes

I was in paradise but I couldn’t enjoy the place as much as I wanted to because of my horrible blisters. I have a couple of pain points that consistently get them, around my heel and on my big toe. Looking back, I wish I knew more about how to prevent them when I went, it would have made the whole experience more enjoyable overall.

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Wildfires - Safety Tips and Prevention

Wildfires, are harmful to humans, but they’re an essential part of the ecosystem. It’s just part of what nature does to keep itself balanced, and part of what makes it so beautiful. But what do you do if a wildfire starts while you’re on the trail?

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Altitude Sickness: My Story, Prevention & Symptoms

My head pounding, and no amount of Advil that I was taking was helping. I tried to sleep for another two hours, telling myself I was just exhausted. But I felt like throwing up and I was dizzy. I woke up my hiking buddy at 9:30pm, we packed up camp and hiked down.

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