How to Make Ski Resorts Affordable

Winter is beautiful, but it can also be very expensive. Since it gets too cold to camp (unless you have the gear for it) and snow sports can be financially taxing, it’s really easy to rack up a huge bill even when you’re trying to save.

So how do you save money while still being able to enjoy winter sports?

Season pass

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, get a season pass. Even if you’re a beginner but you know you will go a couple of times this season, get the pass.

At Mammoth Mountain, the Ikon Pass pays for itself in 2.5 weekend trips. The type of pass you get entirely depends on where you live, where you’ll go this season, how far you’re willing to drive/travel for the sport and what options are offered.

As long as you go a couple of times this season, the pass with be worth the money. Plus it helps to save for it and pay it off in one big chunk instead of having to pay for lift tickets when you’re low on cash.

Stay outside of town and book early

Ski towns can get pricey. Especially once the snow starts falling. Look for good hotel deals outside of town. Yes, you might have to drive 15 minutes to get to the lift, but you’ll save at least $50-150 per night.

Get as many people to join as you can

This brings the hotel cost way down. Instead of paying $200 for a hotel room by yourself with 2 queen beds, you could pay $50. If the hotel offers the option of a roll in bed, that can fit one to two more people, you’re now down to $33-40. Not bad right?

Plus gas will be cheaper getting there.

Bring food with you

Some hotels come with a kitchenette. Have your whole party contribute to food and everyone cook! For lunch on the slopes, bring tortillas, protein bars, apples, tuna packets, and jerky to tie you over until dinner. Just like eating in and cooking saves you money at home, it will certainly save you money here too.

Save money on gear

Look for sales, shop thrift stores and use credit card perks! Check out my blog post on how to save money on gear.

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