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Snowshoeing to Whitney Portal

Because our “trail” was the road, it never got too steep. It stayed extremely gradual, which made for a perfect day! We were able to focus on the peaks and views ahead instead of worrying about the condition or steepness of the trail. Once we got to the Portal, there was so much snow! The Mt. Whitney trailhead sign was almost buried.

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How to Make Ski Resorts Affordable

Winter is beautiful, but it can also be very expensive. Since it gets too cold to camp (unless you have the gear for it) and snow sports can be financially taxing, it’s really easy to rack up a huge bill even when you’re trying to save. So how do you save money while still being able to enjoy winter sports?

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Snowshoeing from the Giant Forest Museum to Crescent Meadows in the Sequoia National Park

In the summer, this trail is a road, but in the winter, it’s unplowed which makes it the perfect trail to follow, and perfect for a beginner snowshoer or someone looking for a stroll through the woods.

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