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Guide to Preventing and Repelling Ticks

Ticks can be dangerous, but don’t be afraid to get outdoors because of them! There are ways to protect yourself and your pets! Through my experience with ticks, I’ve educated myself on how to get outdoors safely.

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How to Prevent Blisters on Hikes

I was in paradise but I couldn’t enjoy the place as much as I wanted to because of my horrible blisters. I have a couple of pain points that consistently get them, around my heel and on my big toe. Looking back, I wish I knew more about how to prevent them when I went, it would have made the whole experience more enjoyable overall.

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Planning the High Sierra Trail Thru-Hike

The 72 mile trail starts in the West from Crescent Meadows in the Sequoia National Park and runs to the East across the mountain range to the Mt. Whitney summit and down to Whitney Portal.

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